Sorting Socks

I have over three dozen pairs of socks. And that’s not counting the ones without mates.

I can’t imagine how I ever accumulated such a stash, but it’s typical of my reluctance to get rid of stuff. Psychological stuff as well as physical stuff. Sometimes it works to my advantage, for example, when my grandson is rooting around for some odd and end for a project he is constructing. I usually have whatever it is he needs. That reminds me of the earlier version of this book that I bought for him when he was a toddler.

But, like my stash of socks, there is stuff I don’t need to carry around with me. The writing workshop I took yesterday brought that fact home with great clarity.

Sorting socks is not the complete answer. But it’s a start.

Now, if I can only get an Amtrak writer’s residency, that might really give me a fresh start.

Starting fresh at age 74. Hmm. I can be Amtrak’s Grandma Moses. Ya think?

[Oh bollocks! I just realized I put the wrong Facebook url in my application. That might knock me out of the running right there. Too soon old; too late smart.]

2 thoughts on “Sorting Socks

  1. What is it about socks?? Unless we suffer from OCD the majority of us have odd socks, socks and socks! I`m never sure how one sock doesn’t make it back to the drawer. I went to all your links which I loved. What I wouldn’t give to do the Amtrack experience!

  2. I am heading in August to 71 – if I make it and my husband is to 75….we are in this new stage of life after a 50 year marriage and just DO!!!! Love the gadgets and devices and still listen to books on cassette tapes to fall asleep and have to start decluttering – as well. I stopped buying clothes and reshaping my old stuff into new old stuff which looks pretty bad – since I am not really a sewer nor a handy person. But…..we are here today and that is all we can do is take it one day at a time and hope tom. will be ok.(HEALTHY-till death do us part)

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