those other news bits

While other bloggers, newscasters, and websites keep us all up to date on the big and important news stories of the day, here I will share with you some news bits you might have missed:

ScottRitter, former U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq, was charged with masturbating in front of a webcam for a police officer posing as a 15-year-old girl.

A sheep in Turkey gave birth to a lamb with a human face.

The remains of five Native Americans from Tierra del Fuego, Chile, kidnapped in 1881 by a German animal trader and exhibited in zoos as “Savages from the Land of Fire,” were returned to Chile.

Austrian scientists stopped burying live pigs in snow and monitoring their deaths.

Miami’s Royal Caribbean cruise line, which had been “optimistic” about 2010 profits, continued service to its beach resort at Labadee [Haiti], on the island’s unaffected north shore.

One-hundred-four-year-old former Coney Island strongman Joseph Rollino, who reportedly bent a quarter with his fingers on his last birthday, was hit by a minivan with a defective horn in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and died.

All of the above gleaned from Harper’s Weekly, where they are documented with links.

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