as above, so below

Early in my marriage, I tried to grow some house plants and they all died. My once-husband used to say that I could kill plastic plants.

I grew up in a city-space house devoid of greenery. What did I know.

Later, when my own nuclear family moved into a house on a rural hillside, I started a garden. About the same time, I joined a writers workshop. Things started to grow, inside and out.

Today, the jade plant I’ve been nurturing for years is on its last leggy legs. Even the ivy in the hanging planter is drying up. My garden outdoors is wilting. This blog hasn’t been faring much better.

And so I’m on a quest for a Fall writer’s workshop. I need to get that green thumb moving, need some seeds, fertilizer. Need to stir that dirt, above and below.

2 thoughts on “as above, so below

  1. this is my second year gardening. i’m 45. we’ve talked before–I’ve chatted online with your daughter–about homeschooling big-headed boys. 🙂 anyway…my vegetables are thriving, but only in pots. my flowers are barely hanging on or are dead. i’m learning how to embrace the parts of myself that grow, and the parts that need to die. I may never love cooking for example. Writing…I adore. Perhaps we can do an online workshop…..??? any interest. Toss out a topic….send our writing…I don’t know, I’m musing. How about you?

  2. I’m exploring various writers’ workshops that are available, and some are online. I’ll let you know what I find. Another option is to start one as a blog — make it a private one so people have to register and only members can see the writing and/or leave comments. What do you think??

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