ending entropy

Entropy is a term used to define (among other things), a process of deterioration of a system.

In terms of technology, my life seems to be one big process of entropy. My old desktop died a slow death over the past several months. Last week, I totally fried the new laptop that I inherited from my once husband. (That frakkin’ Vista!) Now I’m on a old little laptop that does not hold the wifi settings that I need to get online. It’s only a matter of time with this machine as well. How do you end entropy?

I think the first thing for me to do is cut my losses. and not spend any more time and money trying to fix messes of machinery that have aready joined the slide into infinite entropy.

I have to start over, with an inexpensive CPU with XP that can keep me online. If I ever have enough money to get a new laptop, it will be a Mac. That’s a big IF.

And then there’s my mother, whom I somehow have to rescue from the entropy of her care by my brother. I’m leaving tomorrow, driving into what I know will be a battleground for what’s left of my 93 year old mother’s demented life. She deserves better than she’s getting.

She fell yesterday, and the doctor wanted her to go to the emergency room, but that didn’t happen. I want to take her there when I arrive tomorrow. It could wind up a fierce and legal battle if things do not change to her benefit.

Took a sleeping pill to calm me dowm.


2 thoughts on “ending entropy

  1. Elaine, this sounds so very difficult…thinking of you. I’m told that the Berger Commission has not been good for emergency room situation in Kingston.

    On your way home, maybe you can stop by Greenbush Computer Fair (or Fare, not sure) on 9&20 in East Greenbush/Schodack. They have great used machines and even sell new Dells with XP. The guy who owns it is rather strange (in the writes ranting letters to the editor of the local advertiser kind of way), but he is nice in person, the prices are great and so are the techs who work there.

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