taking the long way home

This blog is still under construction, as is my life.   Physically, I have finished moving into my new home; but I haven’t yet moved the rest of me.

Over on Facebook, David Rogers posts a note about the music albums that changed his life, and he challenges the rest of us to list our own.  It occurs to me that, while there are no albums that actually changed my life, there are albums that are very clear audio markers for significant parts of my life.

As I’m putting together that list (it’s not finished yet), what I come to realize is that the songs from my childhood were not on albums; they were on 78  or 45 vinyl records.  The first two popular songs I remember were played by my Aunt Helen on a crank-up phonograph:

Nature Boy by Nat King Cole

and Paper Doll by the Mills Brothers

Of course, then there were the crazy lyrics song, like (as close as I can remember)

Chickory Chick chala chala chekerloroni anifilanika folicka wollika can’t you see chickory chick is me.

Meanwhile, in the background as I blog this, my almost-seven year old grandson is listening to Vampire Weekend.

I guess home is where the music is.

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