this long, long night

I forgot my 6th blogaversary, which was just about a month ago. Tonight is the longest night of the year. Like the world around me and like my country, my life is going through a major transition, and I need to take along pause at this point and readjust, get unstuck, ride the lessening night into a new and brighter era.
And so I’m going to take a break from blogging, I need to come back refreshed and renewed and ready to post about more than just my current long personal and troublesome journey. I need to get back to reading other blogs, other thinkers. I need to remember how to think, again. I need to remember how I have always cared about so much more than this box in which I found myself as a caregiver. I need to learn to live with the guilt of abandoning my very old mother to my brother’s care.
I need to remake my bed.
So much has slipped away as I move through my own personal winter solstice.
I hope that, with the New Year for this planet, the new leadership for this country, and a new base for my home and heart, I will be feel a new energy and a new purpose.
There has to be a dance in the old dame yet.
Meanwhile, I wish everyone a very Happy Holiday. I hope that you’ll check back here in a month or so.

8 thoughts on “this long, long night

  1. I understand — you’ve been walking a rocky path the past few months. I hope you find a new and happier perspective and return revitalized! I shall miss your posts greatly. Take care!!!!!

  2. You’ll be missed. I’ve admired how you’ve handled adversity. Take the time you need to rejuvenate and revive your spirits. And I’ll look forward to welcoming you on your return.


  3. Thank you for writing of your up-and-coming break. I’ll miss you. Don’t be gone too long, though you should obviously take as long as you need. Please know that, as a reader, I have not found your posts troublesome at all, but helpful for pointing out the real qualms and questionings of growing old. I do hope to you find new musings and a renewal of spirit. All the very best during these holidays.

  4. I do understand your need for a break from blogging. You have had many things to deal with and blogging takes time and thought.

    You will be missed. I hope all goes well for you and for your mother.

    Hurry back.

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