in between worlds

I’m blogging today from my daughter’s computer, sitting in her comfy desk chair and lumbar-wrapped in an ACE bandage, while my grandson is upstairs in bed, fighting what looks like the flu (poor little guy).
He seemed fine yesterday, when we all went out and picked out a bed and mattress for me to buy for my new digs.
Today I’m feeling in between worlds as I mentally begin my re-entry into the world I have to leave. I have set a “move” date of November 13 — an arbitrary date, but I like the number 13 since most people don’t.
But for the moment, I’m enjoying the quiet, the peacefulness, the loving acceptance that suffuses this home of my daughter and son-in-law and grandson. This home that will soon be mine as well.
Before I leave, I will listen again to the video below — a rousing reminder of the freedom to come. Listen to “Les Misbarack.”

4 thoughts on “in between worlds

  1. A rousing video. I’m sorry you have the need of an ace bandage. I hope the sprain, or whatever the cause, is healed quickly. And I hope the little guy upstairs gets well quick.

  2. I do hope the little one is feeling better soon. Do let yourself to be pampered. And, thank you so much for the lovely video; it really made me smile. May the voters in your country vote for Mr. Obama… we, outside of the US, are hoping beyond hope that in 10 days time he will be your president.

  3. So supportive of you setting a firm date for your move and going forward. Will be sending you hopes for strength and peace on the 13th.

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