a buncha backs

Back #1: It was just a matter of time, I guess. Several nights ago, as I tried to lift my mother’s legs back onto her bed, I felt as though someone shoved a knife into the right side of the lower spine. It was a long night for me, as I painfully made my way to a chair, only to find it hurt too much to try and sit. Lots of Excedrin Back and Body later, I’m relatively OK as long as I don’t twist sideways or make a sudden move. I have a long history of problems with the right side of my body, including developing “drop foot” on my way to Harvard’s first BloggerCon five years ago. And it’s been all downhill from there.
Back #2: Despite the above, I wrapped an Ace lumbar support belt around myself, put on the cruise control, and drove out to see my daughter and family, who, I knew, would give me some TLC — which I needed for more reasons than my out of whack back. Luckily, I had left my new quarterstaff there, and that surely came in handy for limping around the yard.
[Side note: Ronni Bennett has a section of her blog dedicated to the “Quarterstaff Revolution,” and I will be sending my photo to add to the growing collection.]
Back #3: Last week, I took a little trip back in time and finally got together with my college roommate and her husband, who live about a half-hour’s ride from here. Both she and her husband were good friends of mine all through college. She and I were the same size and coloring We shared a room and later an apartment right through grad school, and we also shared our wardrobes. She is still slim.. Our lives are about as opposite as possible these days, but the memories of all of the crazy college experiences we shared (including driving down to Daytona Beach for Spring break with three of our male classmates) are still ties that bind.
Back #4: Thanks to the Bush regime, this country is so democratically backward that we can only hope that the new president will have the strength and stamina to haul us back to where we belong. The latest indignity is PBS stalling about widely airing Torturing Democracy. It is, however, being aired by individual public stations, and you can watch it online.

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  1. My heart goes out to you! I’ve been there; done that and I know how much it hurts. If it keeps on, please see a good orthopedist. Don’t suffer needlessly. I have found that 3 naproxen (Aleve) help if I overdo.

    Twenty years ago I had two herniated discs (Yikes!) and was fortunate enough to find the doctor who pioneered microsurgery on the spine at University Hospital in Cleveland and he really helped me a lot.

    It’s a miraculous thing and other than achiness I haven’t had any problems since. Then again, I have learned to give my back the respect it deserves.

    I hope this was just a pulled muscle but if the pain doesn’t go away in a few days, talk to your doctor. We want you well!

    And welcome to the Quartstaff Revolution! My photo is there, too!

    Take care!

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