my world’s in shambles

No, it’s not the stock market crash, it’s the crashing of both my desktop and laptop. I am typing this on my desktop in Safe Mode, which might disappear at any moment, as it has been doing over the past few days. I wind up with my desktop screen devoid of any icons. All I can do then is shut it down manually. And then wait and then try again. In Safe Mode.
My tech guy in Albany ran all kinds of diagnostics remotely. Three Trojans and a few other infections showed up and were deleted. I guess there’s still more that he can check out remotely, but only if the machine cooperates and displays the icon I need to click so that he can get in. We’ll try again tomorrow. After I take my car in for a long-overdue servicing. Keep your fingers crossed that the trip to the service station doesn’t result in a crash as well.
And now my laptop has decided to have a glitch in how it starts up — it just keeps shutting off and turning on and shutting off before anything can load up.
After making a terrible showing all summer, suddenly my tomato plants are budding like crazy — just in time for frost to shut them down.
Chances are I won’t be posting for a while, since I probably will have to take both computers in somewhere to be fixed on site.
I’m really in a bad, bad funk over this.

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  1. Oh, I am so sorry. Technology can drive you absolutely mad when it fails. I hope your car passes the test and your techie can fix your computer problems.

    At least your blog looks nice even if composed in safe mode.

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