a witch by a nose


One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Halloween witch is that bump on her nose. Well, not only do I have one; I have three. I guess that makes me officially a witch.
The dermatologist says they are “fibromas,” which are benign kinds of tumors. Mine are under the skin, and so they are not really noticeable. I can have them “sliced off” (the doctor’s words), but insurances don’t pay for that because that’s considered a cosmetic procedure. He says it’s not a big deal to take them off, or out, or whatever they do to remove them. (But he’ll have to cut the skin, so how is that not a big deal??)
When I first got them (one ages ago, one six months ago, and one last month) I thought that they were sebaceous cysts, and so I put hot compresses on them and they eventually diminished in size, but they never went away.
At the moment, they don’t bother me, but I know they’re there. I can feel them.
I can’t worry about them now, however. In two days I’m leaving to head out to Massachusetts for my grandson’s sixth birthday, and I’m going to stay over at least three nights.
So it will be just my brother and mother. The hospice nurse suggested a change in my mother’s medication, so we’re going to try that. Her extreme anxiety is overwhelming her. And us too. I guess it’s her dementia getting worse. Between that and her increasing aches and pains, it makes it almost impossible to interact meaningfully with her. It’s like trying to take care of a sick toddler.
I often wish I really were a witch so I could get on my broom and fly away.

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  1. good luck with the procedure.

    things are weird here. are they weird there? yeah. weird.

    whenever i read your posts about your mom i feel sad that she didn’t benefit from the cultural revolution of the ’60’s – i think a little bit of a certain traditional herbal remedy would be palliative.

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