turn water into gasoline?

When I bought my non-hybrid 2008 Ford Escape, I just couldn’t resist all the bells and whistles I got on this demo model. I had thought about a hybrid. But the wait was long and my old Subaru would consistently refuse to start, and no one, including the dealer, could figure out how to fix the problem.
Anyway, here I am with a car that averages 22 miles a gallon at a time when gas prices are spiraling and the only place I don’t have to drive to get to is the mailbox.
So, I get on the Net and google “turn gas engine into hybrid.”
And, guess what! There is a way to do that. And, supposedly, it’s not a big deal. Many sites advocate just doing it yourself with stuff you can buy at the hardware store, but that just seems like a dangerous way to do it. Suppose you ruin the engine you have.
The smart thing to do, it seems to me, is buy something already manufactured to do the job. The best site I found about using water to turn a gas engine into a hybrid is “fuelfromh2o.”
This is how they explain the process:

The process is as follows, you start with water and an electrolyte NaHCo3 [Sodium Bicarbonate]. You add DC current, the H2o breaks down into H2 & O [we just call it HHO]. We introduce it into the engine by use of the engines vacuum. The HHO combines with the gasoline and air in the combustion chamber and is burnt. Once burnt, it converts back to H20 [water]. Its now going to absorb the inner heat from the engine normally at 350 – 400*F and turn into super heated steam. Then its pushed out during the exhaust stroke and out the tail pipe. There it condenses back into to water vapor and eventually collects back into water. So you start with water and end with water.

So what are our results, first and foremost a really odorless exhaust. Lowered Co2 emissions, NO2 emissions go almost to 0, In short the exhaust emissions drop off the scale as you know them and you produce water vapor from your vehicles tailpipe. Why vapor instead of water??? Because the hydrocarbon fuel [gasoline] produces enough heat during combustion to keep the burnt HHO in a water vapor state, so it will totally condense into water outside of the exhaust system [eliminating any internal corrosion].

OK, I think. If it’s that easy, why isn’t everyone running out to buy what they call an “HHO Generator?”
Well, one reason, is that it’s not that cheap. Another, I suppose, is that most people, like me, don’t want to fool around and try to install something like this themselves. The smart thing would be to have someone do it who knows what he/she is doing.
I go to their list of distributors. There aren’t any near enough to make it possible for me to go there to have a HHO generator installed.
It does seem like such a good idea! Why isn’t the reality more widespread?
As the fuelfromh2o site says:

This technology has been around since the middle 1800’s. YEAH THATS RIGHT!!! Back before the take off of the industrial revolution and the real use of oil and coal to power our factories and vehicles. But oil and coal was easier technology and easily found and CHEAP. GUESS WHAT “NOT ANY MORE”! So if you could gain performance, better fuel efficiency, smaller bills at the gas pump. WOULD YOU DO IT??? Whether you purchase our HHO units or go to a competitor’s store or website and purchase theirs. Just as long as you the consumer realize that you have been methodically led into a money pit concerning energy and fuel.


I would love to do something. Anyone have any suggestions??

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  1. Although I’m really too old to be ‘bothered’ about Global Warming for myself, I worry a lot about the world my grandchildren will grow up in. I envisage an overnight solar-powered electric car in every garage. But it will be small, only to carry two people (and one only will be against the law!) Hot rocks are my favourites and Australia has plenty of them. But it’s all far far far in the future. The water idea sounds fantastic.

  2. too bad they didn’t have a hybrid available in your area – we got one used (2006 model) and it’s the best car we’ve ever owned.

    if there’s any dealers in used fords in your area you should check in periodically with them, maybe they’d take your car in trade? of course i guess you’re losing a little bit on the deal that way……

  3. I don’t use my car very often — sometimes only once a week to go to the grocery store. Every few months or so, I go to my daughter’s. So, I guess I’ll just hang in there with the car I have. I love the fact that it beeps when I’m backing up too close to something. Every accident I’ve ever had has to do with backing up. Heh.

  4. As said above, the technology has been around for ages. To answer your question about getting it put together and installed is as easy as getting a friendly mechanic to a person who is mechanically inclined and have them do it for you.

  5. To the person looking for suggestions on using the product from “fuelfromH2o.com”. As I have found out the hard way, Jim over there at fuelfromh2o will not refund you if the unit is not installed by one of his Certified Magdrive Installers. That is what the website says now, but did not say it when I purchased one. The closest installer from me is 4 hours away, one way @ $700.00 per install. Although it has been installed to the letter according to the directions and he agreed that all looked correct in the photos I sent him, he still will not take the item back. He said he would, but then refered me back to the “changed website” and basically said “no”.

    My advice. Build your own for max $50.00 in materials. There are many youtube videos showing how it is done.

    If you buy from fuelfromh2o and install it yourself and it does not work. Consider your money gone. Jim is not true to his word and I would not trust him as far as I can throw him.

    Good luck to you and all others out there.

    p.s. you will most likely need an E.F.I.E. “electronic fuel injection enhancer” for the HHO to work. Something else Jim will tell you is not needed. DENIAL! Again, he is full of hot air. I hope he does not get lung cancer smoking like he does.

    Mike at http://www.fuelsaver-mpg.com has what you need in the E.F.I.E. department.

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