I had the last word

Who doesn’t like having the last word, and this time it was mine at the end of Ronni Bennett’s great essay on elderboggers, Put It In Writing, published today in the Wall Street Journal. You can’t get to the essay online, so Ronnie had to send it in an email to those of us she mentioned in case we don’t subscribe to the newspaper, which I don’t.
Interestingly enough, the Journal began the printed version of Ronni’s essay with a quote from my quote. So, here I am, the alpha and the omega.
On Ronni’s blog, Time Goes By, she mentions the essay and shows the great graphic that the newspaper included.
Ronni will be having occasional articles on aging and retirement for the Wall Street Journal from now on. Congratulations, Ronni.
And thanks for giving me the last word.

I blog to connect with the world outside myself
that I’m trying to make sense of.
I blog to keep up my spirit;
to stir the spirit of others;
to stir my blood, my brain and my beliefs.

ADDENDUM: I discovered that you can read the whole great article by going here and then clicking on the story title, “Put it in Writing.”

4 thoughts on “I had the last word

  1. Oh, that’s great … to see you in new places! 🙂 And since I get the paper version of The Wall Street Journal, I got to enjoy the whole thing, along with the graphic.

    Just let me know if you need a copy of it and I can send it to you, maybe snail mail?

  2. BS
    A NOTE FROM KALILILY: I don’t like to post anonymous comments, which this one is, but neither do I want readers to think that I don’t post criticisms. One man’s BS is another’s mother’s milk.

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