should I or shouldn’t I

That’s the dilemma of every blogger who is considering whether it’s appropriate to post a certain entry.
b!X deliberated and then made the decision to post. And I could have left it at that.
But I see his Deathbed post and photo link as a tribute, a reminder — in a sense, a virtual wake, a moment to say a final goodbye — and, for those of us who were not there to actually witness, closure.
You can read his post and decide for yourself. This entry is my decision.
And, just as an added note that reflects how attuned our little family is to the magical occurrences in life that Myrln loved to recognize, Myrln died just about at 5 p.m. When we survivors were at his apartment last weekend sorting through his stuff, our daughter noticed that the clock on his wall, which was keeping accurate time the last time we were there, had stopped at 5 o’clock.

2 thoughts on “should I or shouldn’t I

  1. To be clear, I never debated whether to upload/post. It was always a given that it was going to happen. I just wasn’t doing so until it seemed the right moment.

  2. Well, I assumed that you always think before you post, and underlying that assumption was the assumption of deliberation. So, my apologies for misrepresenting. It was I who deliberated about posting this. I deliberate a lot when posting about family stuff. I usually go ahead and do it anyway, of course.

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