this for you

This is for you, my offspring, both of whom have the gift of insightful sight.

Charles Tomlinson
for Yoshikazu Uehata
Your camera
has caught it all, the lit
angle where ceiling and wall
create their corner, the flame
in the grate, the light
down the window frame
and along the hair
of the girl seated there, her face
not quite in focus —that
is as it should be too,
for, once seen, Eden
is in flight from you, and yet
you have it down complete
with the asymmetries
of journal, cushion, cup
all we might have missed
in the gone moment when
we were living it.

Thanks to Jim Culleny‘s daily poetry emails for the above poem.
I wrote a poem long ago about a photograph. And I posted it, along with the image.
And because of that post, I’ve been translated into Chinese by Yan, who left a comment to let me know.
I just love the Web.

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