things I’m glad about

1. My daughter finally launched her own weblog. Her brother, b!X is one of the very early bloggers, and I was close behind him. Now we are three. Hmm. “The family that blogs together….” (slogs together?)
2. My mom will be getting some oversight by a nurse and some physical therapy from a home care agency that takes Medicare. What I’ve discovered is that such agencies are authorized by Medicare to only give short-term care to deal with the results of specific illness or conditions. To get the whole home care support system for the long haul, one has to be on Medicaid, not Medicare. I’m not glad about that part.
3. David Letterman took the first leap of faith and had his production company enter into a contract that the members of the Writers Guild of America consider to be fair. Tom Cruise and his reconstituted United Artists are follow ing his lead. I would love to see all of those megamogul producers left out in left field.
4. It will be 60 degrees here today. At least that’s what the weather report is saying.
5. I didn’t lose the tooth that the crown fell off of. The dentist just cemented it back on, old root canal post and all.

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