this is our country

The following post is by MYRLN, a non-blogger who is Kalilily Time’s guest writer every Monday.
…to paraphrase a patriotic song. And two recent news items symbolize exactly what our country now IS.
The first was photo from a wedding, an event quite fundamental to any culture. The photo showed the happy, if overweight, couple smooching while they danced at their wedding. Nearby, some mylar balloons floated on floor-bound tethers next to a couple of onlookers in smiling bear costumes, while several other onlookers wore baseball caps and uniform-like scarfs or vests. The floor was littered with what seemed to be flower petals.
Although from Kentucky, the newlyweds chose to marry in New York City. And the bride’s gown was an original creation “fashioned from glue, tape, and Charmin Ultra Soft and Charmin Ultra Strong toilet tissues.” The ceremony was held in Times Square at Charmin’s temporary, free public restrooms.
Maybe they weren’t flower petals after all.
The second item demonstrating the state of our culture also comes out of NYC as part of the holiday or Xmas (whichever you are brainwashed to) season.
At a magic shop called Abracadabra, instead of a Santa Claus, there will be a Mrs. Claus. One of the store’s owners said it was their answer to Macy’s traditional St. Nick. The magic shop’s approach is to provide an opportunity for naughty adults to get spanked for being so. Serving up the punishment is the aforementioned Mrs. Claus. But the owners also noted she will be actually a man dressed in a clingy red and white outfit and long black boots.
Happy holidays or Xmas (whichever you are brainwashed to) to all in OUR COUNTRY.

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