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Well, it was some kind of tick that I pulled out of my cat. It came out very easily, and I can’t seem to find any sore on my cat’s skin where the tick had attached itself. From what I can tell by looking at images of a bloated tick, that’s what it was.
While I pulled it out by its end that was stick up and not by the head in the skin, like it seems I was supposed to, it came out very easily, almost seemed to back out.
I realize now that I should have stuck the tick in a jar and took it somewhere to be tested for Lyme Disease, but….
I’m keeping an eye on my cat, who seems fine and doesn’t seem to have any sore spot in the area where I found the tick. But I’ll keep watching.
Thanks for the advice left on my previous post. It all helped.

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  1. Elaine, as far as I know, cats are not as susceptible to Lyme disease as dogs are. If the site you pulled it out of heals up with no problem (it probably will), there probably is no cause of concern.

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