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I have to admit it. Occasionally I’m a sucker for those “seen on tv” ads. Once in a while I get stung.
But not lately.
I am totally sold on the Swivel Sweeper. I make such good use of ours on our low-pile rugs and bare floors that I bought one for my daughter. My grandson has become the official family sweeper at his house. Even my mother can use it. The ads for this product tell the truth. It picks up everything from dust and cat hair to stepped-on Cheerios. This is not a paid advertisement. I’m just sharing info about something that actually works.
The other purchase I made is the Spin Spa, figuring I need all the access to relaxation that I can get. I liked it so much I ordered two more microderm abrasion heads, since that’s the one I use most (you know, on that rough skin on elbows and knees).
Finally, while I won’t put a bumper sticker on my car, I have put a car magnet or two on. IMHO, this site has the best ones. The one I have on my car right now appears at the end of this old post
So, now I’m thinking I might buy one of these:
There are hundreds more on that Stamp and Shout site. I could cover my whole car with them.
Maybe I’ll just settle for this one:


4 thoughts on “good buys

  1. a while back i walked by a car with a bumper sticker that said “as a former fetus, i oppose abortion”. i wished right then i could slap over it a bumper sticker that said: “as a former fetus, i’m glad my mother had access to reproductive health care”. but the complex arguments that make up reality aren’t well supported by a forum that’s only about 12″ by 4″.

    bumper stickers usually piss me off. although i am rather fond of the one that says “my other car is a broom”. my favorite funny bumpersticker story is one time in boulder my wife saw a guy in a pickup with a bumpersticker that said “hungry and out of work? eat an environmentalist” and at the next red light she rolled down her window and said “i find that bumpersticker ignorant and offensive”. the driver said “go back to new york!” which was funny, because we were from california.

  2. the complex arguments that make up reality aren’t well supported by a forum that’s only about 12″ by 4″

    That’s the truth, but I wonder why it feels good to be able to display certain slogans. Is it to annoy others who don’t think like us? Is it to assert our identity in an otherwise anonymous situation? Just wondering.

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