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The following post is by MYRLN, a non-blogger who is Kalilily’s guest writer every Monday.
…in bits and pieces.
A lady in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, was refused entrance to a courthouse ’til she removed her underwire bra which set off the security gate alarm. Gotta prevent them underwire bra bomber terrorists looking to take over Idaho and harming the baked potato crop.
Senator Hypocrita Clinton wants for us to make her Prez and turn the whole country over to her keeping when she couldn’t see what was right there under her nose (figuratively speaking) when she was last in the White House.
A new Walmart under construction required the use of dynamite, so the company went to court and forced the owner of the adjoining property to vacate home and land in case of accident. No mention of forcing Walmart to guarantee no damage. Not every home is one’s castle if Walmart’s involved.
Latest lead concern involves lipstick. From cheapest to designer brands, lead showed up in all those tested. Perhaps this explains how so-called “fashion” designers convince women to stupidly subject themselves to shoes with 5-inch heels. Lead does affect the brain.
Thanks to a recent Parade Magazine, we know another reason why the U.S. is in trouble around the world. A list reveals about one-third of our ambassadors are non-diplomats. Their qualifications? Buddies with Bush. For example, ambassador to: Australia, Skull and Bones with Bush at Yale; Poland, close Yale friend; Hungary, dated Bush at Harvard Business School; China, fraternity brother at Yale; Japan, partner in Texas Ranger ownership; Sweden, prep school friend and frat brother at Yale; Belize, Yale roomie. Don’t bother George with no qualifications crap.
Friday’s New York Post graced its front cover and two inner pages with photos of a Brooklyn guy running around naked in Times Square. But he did have his cellphone so he could yak as he meandered.
Finally, a recent WGBH gift catalog included a tee-shirt inscribed with what it called Vegetable Psychiatric conditions. Among others, they included:
fennel retentive
garlic depressive
pea-ness envy

Yup, all sounds like U.S. all right.

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