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Tomorrow, my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson are coming to visit for a couple of nights. My mom, who rallied a little today, is looking forward to seeing them. I’m hoping she hangs onto her awareness long enough to go out to dinner with us on Saturday and to brunch on Sunday at the Mohonk Mountain House — a treat for all of us who have never been there (mostly because it’s outrageously expensive). I heard that Alan Alda and friends helicoptered up to there for his last birthday party.
I’m treating us all because we deserve it. Especially me.

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  1. Oh, have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy your visit to Mohonk! I have been there several times and it is awesome in every way…the food, the view, the gardens, the elegant buildings.

  2. Mohonk is a jewel, the last of the great Mountain Houses. “Outrageously expensive” is a bit over the top considering what the owners have to maintain and what you receive. Name me a restaurant that would allow you to come onto their property at 7am, hike 100 miles of trails, enjoy the gardens, sit in their house, eat, watch a play, enjoy a movie, dance and stay until 11pm for a hundred bucks (that’s for 2 people)

  3. Well, we are not two people who hike. We are a couple with a five year old, a frail and disoriented 91 year old woman, her out of shape son, and me. So, for the six of us for brunch and a chance to see the grounds however far we can manage to walk (which is not much in terms of both time and ability), it’s well over $300. No bargain there, but rather a very special extravagance that can’t happen very often.

  4. Just a bit of friendly advice…if going anywhere is too expensive FOR YOU then don’t go, don’t blame the expense on the owners of a beautiful resort, after all they aren’t putting a gun to your head to have brunch.

    Giving the IMPRESSION that Mohonk is overcharging to your readers is unfair and a gross misrepresentation of the facts. Recreate within your own means.

    BTW Mr. Alda goes to Mohonk not for a vacation but to decide where his charitable donations should be distributed. He arrives by automobile, just like the rest of us.

    REJOICE that you have been given the GIFT of caring for your 91 year old mother. Mine passed from cancer at the untimely age of 62. What I wouldn’t give to have one more day with her. What I wouldn’t GIVE to have the PRIVILAGE of caring for her for the next 30 years!!!!

  5. Well, Mr. Lou Who-ever-you-are, let me tell you that caring for a 91 year old with dementia is not a privilege. It’s exhausting, messy, frustrating and hard work. And with dementia, there is no kind of real communication you can have. So, I wouldn’t bet that you would have enjoyed it much had you had the challenge to accept. As a matter of fact, I’ll bet you would have put her in a nursing home, where you would visit often, but where you would not have the burden of the hard and thankless work.

    And, Mr. Lou, I indulge myself in outrageous extravagances every once in a while. I have to choose them carefully, and the trip to Mohonk was a conscious decision to splurge, knowing it would be worth the expense. I will blog about our excursion in a few days.

  6. Well Ms. Elaine who-ever-you are, that 91 year old is your MOTHER.She brought you into this world and from the looks of it had to put up with ALOT of your shit….consider it payback. My mother had zero communication with me as well, the tumor caused a vein to burst in her brain. She died holding my hand, AT HOME!And yes I changed her diapers.
    “The hard and thankless work”…cry me a freaking river Ms. Elaine, who-ever-you are. News Flash, you don’t have a monoploy on suffering or sacrafice. The only difference is, most of us deal with it by ourselves or a few loved ones in quiet dignity, we don’t have the need to broadcast it on a blog in some boorish attempt at playing the martyr.EVERYONE has their own cross to bear. Good luck to you and have a wonderful life.

  7. Yes, Lou, everyone has his/her own cross/es to bear, and we each find ways to help us through the bad times. You are obviously a remarkable offspring to have done such a wonderful thing for your mother, with whom you obviously had a close relationship. I, on the other hand, did not have a good relationship with my mother. But I’m doing the right thing anyway.

    And, actually, I have never been known for my quiet dignity. Different strokes for different folks.

    My best to you, too.

  8. I’m speechless…not really! But who would have thought a post about Mohonk would bring out such comments? I suppose I can understand that losing one’s dear mom from cancer at 62 might bring out envy for someone who has had 30 more years…but certainly directing anger at you is misguided! Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely day at Mohonk (which is expensive, but worth it).

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