too many chilling facts

I’ve been doing light writing lately. All too aware of the many disasters overwhelming the Big Picture, I write of deer and dear.
But this current article in an Albany publication deserves careful notice:

The Chill Factor
Slave labor, a mercenary army, vulture funds, and the ongoing onslaught against the Constitution—here is Project Censored’s list of the biggest stories the media missed last year


This year’s Project Censored presents a chilling portrait of a newly empowered executive branch signing away civil liberties for the sake of an endless and amorphous war on terror. And for the most part, the major news media weren’t paying attention.


As the stories cited in this year’s Project Censored selections point out, the federal government continues to provide major news networks with stock footage, which is dutifully broadcast as news. The George W. Bush administration has spent more federal money than any other presidency on public relations. Without a doubt, Parenti says, the government invests in shaping our beliefs. “Every day they’re checking out what we think,” he says. “The erosion of civil liberties is not happening in one fell swoop but in increments. Very consciously, this administration has been heading toward a general autocracy.”

Carl Jensen, who founded Project Censored in 1976 after witnessing the landslide reelection of Richard Nixon in 1972 in spite of mounting evidence of the Watergate scandal, agreed that this year’s censored stories amount to an accumulated threat to democracy. “I’m waiting for one of our great liberal writers to put together the big picture of what’s going on here,” he says.

And as I sit here blogging I am also watching a news program reporting on Rudy Guilliani’s trip to England to raise money for his presidential campaign. While I recognize that we are all part of a global community, it just doesn’t seem right to let other countries help to elect the person who will be in charge of our country.
And so I create my own realities.

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