The following post is by MYRLN, a non-blogger who is Kalilily’s guest writer every Monday.
Tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It’s a time to remember again/still those who died and to recognize again those first responders who tried to make rescues at the cost of their own lives. They are deserving of our attention and honor.
But it’s also a time to remember and condemn those who since 9/11 have used that day for political advantage and dragged this country down into a morass of a war having nothing to do with 9/11, and while doing so have also launched major assaults on the freedoms our democracy guarantees us. While purporting to be fighting to protect them.
Who are these scoundrels? Not bin Laden. Not muslim terrorists. No…our own Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Rove: the Fatal Five. We didn’t know that the date, 9/11, would take on the additional significance of another emergency in our land — that 9/11 would also become the symbol of a 911 call to all of us. The call telling us that we were under attack by the Fatal Five: our Constitutional rights, our reputation in the world community — all being dragged down the tubes because of the incredibly ignorant audacity of the Fatal Five.
Terrorism is not defeated by war as we have known it (as we should have learned in Vietnam) because there’s no visible enemy as in a war as we’ve known it. Terrorism arises out of uniform and apart from armies from people feeling and being done grievous wrong (like the Jewish underground in WWII Poland and later against the British in the yet-to-be Israel). Or out of pure hatred, which is harder yet to combat or change. Terrorists will always achieve their vengeful or murderous or righteous goals — if not today, then tomorrow. They will wait, they will choose numerous targets, and successful completion of ANY of them is satisfactory. They have no intention of rolling over their enemy in some kind of blitzkrieg. Only dumbheads like the Fatal Five think the latter is what they’re fighting. Terrorism is reduced only by changing conditions that foster it, and through diplomacy (a foreign word to the Fatal Five).
At this time, the Fatal Five has shrunk. The others having bailed out, we’re now left with the DD, i.e. the Dreadful Duo (or Dumbya and Darth), namely Bush and Cheney. The latter, as in most of his time in office, is hiding in his unknown location. While the former, having made the world an incredibly more dangerous place, is reduced (if reduction were possible) to sneaking out of America and into Iraq or Afghanistan. He calls them surprise visits, but in truth, he’s sneaking out and in and out. Not risking his cowardly butt with open visits. Risk is for those he sends to war in his chicken place. Imagine: an American president having to sneak around the world.
So on tomorrow’s 6th anniversary, honor those we’ve lost: take time to write or email the Dreadful Duo, those 2 sniveling cowards who evaded military and combat service themselves but send others’ loved ones, and who keep using 9/11 for their own advantage (like timing the upcoming so-called Petraeus report release for the week of the anniversary), and who continue only to lie and equivocate and make a further mess of what already seems as bad as it can get. Tell them what you think of their stupidity. Tell them they are far and away the most shameful administration in our country’s history. Tell them that in some very real respects, they have been treasonous to our nation. Tell them how, most of all, they have dishonored those who lost their lives on 9/11 and since. Tell them they should recognize their shame and remember and live with and be haunted by it all the rest of their miserable, cowardly, dishonorable lives.
That may be the best we can do with them. Unfortunately.
If by chance, you’d worry that writing such things to them might somehow rebound badlly on you, then understand that such a feeling means they have achieved their goals: they’ve squeezed your Constitutional rights out of you. C’mon, suck it up, call your personal, internal 911. Take those rights back — if only out respect for those who lost everything on 9/11 and since.

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