bear eating birdseed

We were eating lunch at the table near the window when my brother pointed to the bear cub, just outside, raiding our bird feeders.
We went over to the breezeway to get a better look, and I also got some video.
Unlike the raccoons, who totally demolished the feeders, dragging them away and leaving them, useless, on the hillside, the bear, having knocked the feeders to the ground, gently pawed and licked them, getting as much of the food as it could but not mangling the feeders in the process.
Even my mother was fascinated by the cub, who was about the same size as the giant white Malamute my brother had years ago. She kept thinking it was a dog; I’m not sure she remembered what a bear is.
“She’s so pretty,” she kept saying.
And, indeed, it was a beautiful bear cub, hungry and preparing for winter. I wondered where its mother was, where it was going to find food here on the mountain, which is getting more and more populated.
We knocked on the window to scare it away after it had eaten all the bird food that was out there. It was still hungry, nosing up at a hanging flower basket, hoping for something more before it sauntered down toward the lake, toward our neighbor’s house, where, I assume it hoped to find a garbage can or two.

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  1. E. of K

    Yes I just read all the August and September blogs to catch up on your thoughts. I wrote a blog the other night about “self full filling prophecy” and the politicians that believe the END is near and are acting accordingly! The blog was a result of an email from a friend.

    I only wish we could drown this war in words…the body count is so awful and there is no way to make it better. But I, like you, will continue to write, take care of my family and live my own version of lunacy! My lunacy life has gotten better as the years go by. I am between by mother’s and my own! But for now all is well.


  2. What a great moment you’ve captured. Living in the big city I don’t get to see things like that very often (and of course living in Australia I only see bears in zoos anymore!)

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