she’s refeathering her empty nest

Well, it’s not REALLY an empty nest because my grandson has just begun his half-day Kindergarten class, but my daughter has already launched her next career.
She has just set up her online store to sell the products of her very artful eye. My sidebar has had her general website up for a while: 1505 Photovisions, which also links to her store.
Over the past several years, she has developed a talent for capturing moments in nature that most of us usually miss as we hurry along to get done what has to be done. Taking the time to show her young son the marvels of nature gave her a chance to rediscover them herself — and to wait for that perfect moment to capture them digitally.
This happens to be one of my favorites.

So, if you’re in the market for any note cards or gifts with original nature photographs, check out my daughter’s online store.
Meanwhile, I’m ordering this mousepad:

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