Shifting the universe is never easy. I mean, just ask Dr. Who.
So, I am struggling to come up with the right combination of metaphor and magic to help r@d@r shift himself and his family from where they are to where they want to be. I thought I was done, but what I created didn’t feel right. So I’m re-working it. I will post a photo of the artifact after I finish and get it to him.
It’s inevitable that, as I stoke my own energy fires for purposes outside myself, that my own purposes get fired up as well.
I’ve begun sheltering myself from the bad vibes around here by planning my escape.
When he feeds her a salami sandwich just before I begin to make her a well-balanced meal, I walk away and plan my escape.
When he blames me because he stubbed his unshod toe on the leg of the chair I’m sitting in, or because he can’t find his wire cutter, I walk away and plan my escape.
When he yells at me because I put the still-warm container of soup that I just made (from scratch) into the refrigerator (before it cooled down), I walk away and plan my escape.
I already have my Escape. And now I’m making plans.
That’s not to say that my plans might not gang agley The universe can often be pretty nasty while we make plans.
Then, again, you never know what might come out of nasty.
In this post on her blog, singer/songwriter Kristin Hersh tells eloquently and touchingly about being on a concert tour with family and band and dealing with situations that make you think that the universe has it in for them. This is just a taste of Kristin’s remarkable tale of what dedicated artists do to follow their “bliss.”:
I have to care, because soon, there may be no place for the next song to go. I think I’ll always play music. I think I have to. I’ll play in my bedroom, in my car, in my garage…but without an audience, without money, I won’t be on the road and I won’t be in the studio. And like it or not, music is a social endeavor. I wish it wasn’t, but it is and as such, it’s impact is stunted when it’s invisible. Music isn’t supposed to stay in the bedroom, the car, or the garage. It’s supposed to be given away, to become other people’s soundtrack.
So what happens is, we’re driving through the mountains and I’m stumbling around the bus, listening to music, making sandwiches for the kids and laughing with Bernie as we barrel down the highway like we have so many times before. I had just stepped over a dog to hand Wyatt a cup of milk when Ryder yelled, “Fire!” from the back bedroom.

Read the whole post and more on Kristin’s blog.
Sometimes it seems that we have no choices over where our lives take us. But we do. We do. Only there’s always a trade-off. It seems we can’t have everything we want at once. And so we have to decide what’s most important at this moment in time.
I write this to remind myself. My life is what it is, for now.
But I am urging the universe to shift, as I plan my escape.

3 thoughts on “shifting

  1. what’s that famous demotivator? “things are always darkest before they go completely black.”

    that’s kind of how i feel right now.

    interesting that you, my wife and i, and Mr. NTodd all bought Escapes recently. (and really, what else is money for but to buy an escape?) are we planning on our own version of “Road Warrior”, a post-apocalyptic tribe of liberals driving across the desert giving away free tofu dogs?

    the dark clouds are roiling and so many of them are inside our heads. if nothing else, may we dispel those clouds, and see things as they really are. that is my fondest wish.

  2. Now there’s an image for you — “a post-apocalyptic tribe of liberals driving across the desert giving away free tofu dogs..”

    Do you think Ford would pay us to use us in their ads?

    I’m not sure that we ever see things as they are. We see things as WE are.

    Celexa helps. Take it from me.

  3. “a post-apocalyptic tribe of liberals driving across the desert giving away free tofu dogs..”

    I think I’ve just been inspired to write a comic book.

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