facing off with Facebook

Facebook. That’s one of those “social networking” sites, this one founded by a 23 year old and populated, at least originally, by that younger set. Yes, that’s important.
I’m not a big joiner of those online social networks, but some of my “old time” blogger friends joined and invited me to join them. Why not, I figured. Maybe getting back in touch with the old crowd will jump start my own blogging.
Meanwhile, Ronni at Time Goes By takes notice of the anti-elder hate speech that is evident in a number of Facebook discussion groups occupied by those younger members. Ronni deactivated her Facebook account in protest.
My response was to join the “oldest people on Facebook” (70 so far is the oldest) and become one of those who are standing up to be counted.
I guess it’s the old in-your-face “warrior crone” in me.

1 thought on “facing off with Facebook

  1. I’ve been following Ronni’s blogs about the elder-hate groups, too, and was appalled at the comments made in those groups.

    I joined Facebook just recently to keep in touch with my old college nursing class. It seemed like a terrific idea.

    I’ve decided to stick with it. But voiced my protest over one of the most blatant anti-elder groups. I reported it to the Admin including my reasons for thinking it inappropriate. I don’t know how seriously they take these reports or if they’ll even act on them. I guess only time will tell.


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