he mowed ’em down

I can’t believe it! He mowed down my lush stand of foxglove that was growing (well, they were mostly alreay spent) along the back of the house. I know that it’s his house, and he told me two years ago that he doesn’t want stuff planted alongside the house. But at least he could have warned me and given me a chance to move the plants. I had a huge and healthy melissa officinalis that I brought here from my last garden. Gone. Mowed down. I had some plants that I wanted to dig up and take to my daughter for her garden. Gone. Mowed down.
If he had warned me that he was going to mow, I would have told him that I was waiting for a day with less than 80% humidity to go out there and move a lot of the plants. The rest he could have mowed down.
I suppose they’ll come back next year.
Buit maybe I won’t.

3 thoughts on “he mowed ’em down

  1. maybe you can’t post this but — big fat prick is what comes to mind.

    So move out here and grow a lush beautiful garden…

  2. Well, when I told him that it was a mean thing to mow it all down with telling me he was going to do it, he said that all the foxglove was dead (and he was right about that)anyway. He said he didn’t see anything else growing there. To be honest, I never weeded in that spot, so it all probably looked like drek to him. He said he didn’t do it to be mean; he was just out there trying to clean up the overgrowth. Oh well. It’s not as though I’m going to spend the rest of my life here. At some point it will all go back to weeds anyway.

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