so much for liberty

On this country’s most important holiday, I celebrate by sleeping. No independence here, as we are all imprisoned by my mother’s dementia.
Be sure to celebrate by going here and reading or listening to Keith Olbermann’s latest documentation of how our nation’s independent soul has been mangled by those who are supposed to lead us and protect us.
Next, think about this poem, from Jim Culleny’s daily poetry email:

next to of course god america i

“next to of course god america i
love you land of the pilgrims’ and so forth oh
say can you see by the dawn’s early my
country ’tis of centuries come and go
and are no more what of it we should worry
in every language even deafanddumb
thy sons acclaim your glorious name by gorry
by jingo by gee by gosh by gum
why talk of beauty what could be more beaut-
iful than these heroic happy dead
who rushed like lions to the roaring slaughter
they did not stop to think they died instead
then shall the voice of liberty be mute?”

He spoke. And drank rapidly a glass of water

And, finally, enjoy this reprint of Monday’s guest-poster MYRLN’s latest email to the White House.

Sent To:
Subject: July 4
Date Sent: 03 Jul 2007 08:24 PM

Dear George,

With Independence Day here tomorrow, I would like to report to you two people whom I believe are the most serious threat to our democracy in decades. I would report them to local authorities, but they couldn’t do anything about these 2, so I figured I would go straight to the top in the hopes you will act against them. Please do something to rid us of them both. The two of whom I speak are you and your vice-president.

There are lots of fireworks going on all over the country tonight. I’m hoping there will be some even more explosive fireworks soon that will blow those grifters out of the White House.

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