don’t turn your back on a groundhog

I was pleased to see that, after spraying my plants in the back yard with the garlic/peppermint spray that I buy at the local Agway, the groundhog has left them alone. Of course, I have to re-spray every time it rains.
I went outside in the front yard today to see that the little beast had chewed up the flowers and leaves on my begonia, impatiens, and geraniums. I neglected to spray those after the last rain. If I’m here next summer, I will choose plants that rodents of all sizes don’t like to eat.
Unlike the groundhog’s, my mother’s appetite comes and goes. I know that she doesn’t drink enough liquids, but I can’t force them down her throat. Last night she woke up very hot, even though her room was cool. We were up for hours putting cold wet towels all over her body until her skin cooled down. She was dead-weight out-of-it through the whole ordeal. I know that the hypothalmus in the brain regulates body temperature. I’m wondering if the episode was just another indication that her brain is in the process of malfunctioning and has begun to take her body with it.
She seems OK (that’s a relative term when it comes to her) today. So far. Now, while she’s sleeping, I’ll go out and spray those munched plants. Sort of like closing the barn door after the horse has escaped, but I just hate to let the critter have what’s left.

2 thoughts on “don’t turn your back on a groundhog

  1. we are waiting for our shed to cave in, or a foot to go thru the floor since the groundhog here has burrowed two tunnels on either side of the front door of the shed, one out the side of the shed and one out the back of the shed. I know their burrows can be quite large, so I keep imagining that out shed is now precariously perched over a gaping hole in the ground which is traversed by groundhogs, chipmunks and possibly rabbits.
    Underground highway for nature.

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