yes it has, although not one single robin. but the parking lot at the greenhouse was packed today, and the roadways were peppered with cute young guys in baseball caps and convertibles with the tops down. of course, my tree-pollinated sneezes have begun, and three more squirrels are eating what’s left of my budding bulbs. or maybe three of the ones we caught and let loose three miles down the road came back. it’s hard to tell. all those squirrels look alike. at least all of ours seem to.
“I wish I had a friend,” she said yesterday. Today she said, “I want to go to heaven.”
I try to sit and talk with her, as a friend would. But she can no longer carry on a conversation. Each of her sentences ends before she gets to the object of the verb.
I wish I could get sprung.

3 thoughts on “sprung

  1. Perhaps she’ll respond to your nonverbal language, soothing reassuring tone of voice, warm loving facial expression, the touch of a stroking hand on hers. Carrying on a monologue is not easy for you. Perhaps she could verbalize/read some simple words, recognize respond to pictures. If she can understand, encourage her to avoid long sentences — use short ones. Perhaps yes/no responses are possible for her, if not with words, a nod.

    Hope you are continuing to have some time for yourself with a change of scene i.e. your Curves, to the store, and more maybe.

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