some runcible yarn


See, this is just one more reason why I love the Net, and why blogging keeps me going.
Andrea James of Runcible Spoon is a young woman I met (virtually), more than six years ago, when she lived in the U.S. and posted comments on my son’s original weblog (long since defunct). Now she lives in, and recently became a citizen of, Australia. She is also learning how to spin and dye wool.
Andrea knew that I’ve been contemplating a new project, and I told her I would love to have some hand spun and died yarn to use as a main ingredient. And so she whipped up a skein for me and wrapped it in the label, the image of which is above.
You can see the color of the yarn on her site.
Of course, I can’t get going on any new project until I take care of the dozens of sprouting seedlings that are going to need a better home until this blustery Northeast weather calms down. Feh.

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