The Queen of the Big Time

The lesson we can take from

her life is to be open to wonder,

to look at the world as she did

at the end of her life, as a

garden of possibility.

The quote above is from the end of The Queen of the Big Time, a novel by Adriana Trigiani.
I have finished all but one of Trigiani’s novels, and this last one, Roccoco, is next on my reading list.
You don’t have to be Italian to find yourself immersed in Trigiani’s families, but if you have strong ties to any European immigrant culture, her stories are bound to resonate with you.
Trigiani creates characters that are neither heroes nor harlots. In their struggling humanness they are a compelling reminder that life is what it is, despite what we might have dreamed or hoped. And yet that can be OK too.

[The garden image above is used with permission from the photographer, Melissa Volker]

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