goodbye Typekey; hello Haloscan

In an effort to NOT discourage legitimate commenters, I have switched from Typekey comment manager to Haloscan. That means you don’t have to register anywhere to leave a comment. This might not make any difference at all to the number of comments I get. On the other hand……

2 thoughts on “goodbye Typekey; hello Haloscan

  1. Dear lady, I am so glad you switched to the no-register comment format! I am more than a tad paranoid about leaving my personal info all over the web. I almost caved in during your comment a week (?) ago, about insufficient readers/feedback to continue. That was painful to contemplate. (Didn’t cave in though! For we are tough! And we get 50-60 spam messages a day!)

    But now I can comment, and the first item is: thanks for sharing your opinions, stories, and life with the rest of us.

    I sincerely hope that there is no downside to opening up the comments –no spammers, trolls, or garbage. If it becomes burdensome, shutting down access to registered-only guests is not a problem. It won’t keep the rest of us from enjoying your writing, commiserating with your troubles, or delighting in your political commentary.

    All the best to you!


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