on this day 3 years ago

Just for fun, I went looking back to see what I might have posted on February 8 in some past year. To find a post for this day I had to go back to 2003. The title of the post is Countdown to War and in it I link to this still relevant article about the shrouding of Picasso’s Guernica.

In the old days, the one UNTV camera could be guaranteed not to embarrass, say, American Ambassador John Negroponte, by backdropping his statements with images of screaming women and children, but with the world’s new interest in the UN, the hordes of outside TV crews there may be less discreet. So Guernica has joined the statue of Justice in Attorney John Ashcroft lobby, covered in blue drapes to hide her nakedness. Together they make a potent metaphor.
One almost wonders how long it will be before, disguised as an art project, someone wraps the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor, shrouding it from toe to torch………..

Guernica pales before the images we see every day of the war that actually did go down.

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