beating the big bad cold

It’s 11 degrees outside at this very moment, but that’s not the cold I’m talking about.
Two days ago, my mother started sneezing. Yesterday morning, she woke up with a red and drippy nose and red, watery eyes. And so I went after that big bad cold with my Kalilily foolproof cold cure — or rather a lower dose version of it for my 100 lb. mother.
Zicam swabs in the nose every three hours. Emergenc-C Cold Cough and Flu twice a day, and a dropperful of Echiancea and Goldenseal extract twice a day. And an aspirin after dinner.
She woke up this morning with all symptoms gone.
As for me, I’m being protected by daily doses of a new product for which I am part of a market test. I get free ColdMD for 16 weeks and have to report each week on how I’m doing.
When I was visiting my grandson a couple of weeks ago, he had a cold and managed to wetly sneeze right in my face a couple of times. I never caught his cold.
The ColdMD tablets are pretty big, and I usually can’t swallow such big pills. But I manage to get these down just fine.
My mother’s cold is gone in three days and I’m still cold free.
Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about that big bad cold outside, where the wind chill puts it down to -4. Yes, that’s minus 4.

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  1. I took part in that ColdMD market sudy, did you ever get paid for yours? They claimed, when I called to question the payment, the user ID and password I was using to take the surveys, belonged to someone else. I can’t really complain too much though, I was cold free for three months, and it was provided to me for free.

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