it’s time for some major “mamisma”

Both Hillary and Nancy are playing the “mommy” card.
Accroding to here, excerpted:

Scoff if you will, said author Harriet Rubin in USA Today, but that would be a smart approach. After six years of “machismo” rule, the country may be ready for something else. I call it “mamisma”—femininity defined by “mature and maternal qualities” that appeal to men and women alike. Mamisma can make a strong woman—think Golda Meir—seem less aggressive, and thus, “nonthreatening.” Mamisma also suggests a degree of cautious wisdom that sharply contrasts with the reckless, frat-boy immaturity associated with machismo. It’s “seduction over divisiveness,” and “in a world run like a PlayStation war game,” some maternal maturity just might be “a nice antidote.”

I know that a lot of people don’t like Hillary because she’s such a political animal. But her “mamisma” gives her a balance the guys don’t have.
Harriet Rubin is the author of The Mona Lisa Strategem: The Art of Women, Age, and Power.
Now, there’s a book I’d like to own.

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