pea picking on the mountain


She doesn’t like peas. She used to be willing to eat them as long as they weren’t from a can (the smell, you know). Now I have to pick the peas out of the soups I made and froze or she won’t eat the soups. And I have to strain all of the herbs and spices out of the broth. She doesn’t like little specks in food. Thinks they’re bugs.
The number on her triglycerides would make a great number for a credit report.
Planning meals is becoming a real challenge — not just for her, but also for trying to get my addiction to carbs under control.
I do have one dish, the recipe for which I posted a while ago, that’s made up of only healthy ingredients and doesn’t need seasonings, not even salt.
I’ve experimented with variations on that recipe, which is really the basis for “bigos,” the traditional Polish Hunter’s Stew, which requires many additional ingredients, mostly meat.
My version starts out strictly vegetarian, and it tastes even better if you sautee cut up portabello mushrooms and add them when you add the onions. (See above link to recipe.)
Sometimes I roast a pork tenderloin (hardly any fat) and cut up the cooked pork and add it to the soup. Actually, if you keep the liquid at a minumum, it’s a stew. If you add more stock, it’s more like a soup.
I also discovered that it’s better to rinse the sauerkraut before you add it to the pot, especially if you don’t like it too sour — and also to reduce the amount of salt you’ll ingest.
Sauerkraut, by the way, has all kinds of health benefits. It’s best to buy it at a health food store, so Dr. Andrew Weil explains.
My quick and easy soup freezes and reheats well. And it doesn’t contain any peas.

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