Tag! I’m it!

The delicious Jeremy Outerbridge has tagged me in the current blogtag game of “Tell five things about you that no one knows.”
It just doesn’t seem fair that Jeneane opted out of her tag. I know that her blog is one of the most truthful out there, but, c’mon Jeneane. There must be something you’re still hiding.
In the spirit of RageBoy’s and Kat Herding’s lists, here are mine. Are they all true? Heh. What do you think?
1. For several years while in grade school, I was the young virgin who led the procession and who carried the crown that went on the Virgin Mary’s head each month of May.
2. I was a virgin until I was twenty years old.
3. I have a passion for RageBoy.
4. I used to play the guitar and my favorite song was “Oh Lonesome Me.”
5. I have never indulged in any illegal substance.
All right.
Now I tag these good bloggers:
1. Roxanne
2. Betsy Devine
3. Doug Alder
4. Elayne Riggs
5. Stu Savory

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