my affair with Netgear

I broke it off. Twice. And I paid for it. Twice. After all, it was my fault. I didn’t pay close enough attention. I caused the damage. I couldn’t blame Netgear. I was insensitively careless.
But those damned wireless cards stick out too far. Yup. I managed to break off the ends of two of them. The upgraded one I bought the second time around got stuck in the slot. My brother had to open the back of my laptop to get it out.
I’m on my third try now. I bought a Netgear wireless USB device that also came with an attachment wire so that I don’t have to have the thing sticking out the other end of the laptop. Only I got it from e-bay and, too late, found out it didn’t come with the installation disk. Four hours later, after finally dowloading the driver software into a Flash Drive, I managed to get the thing to connect.
I’m looking forward to a long happy wifi relationship this time. I’m going to be really careful. Pamper the little guy. I need him.
My next challenging relationship is going to be with getting a Bluetooth wireless headset to work on the Skype I have loaded into the laptop. I’ve already tried three different ways to connect it all on my desktop. Alas! I’m out of my depth on that one. But I will keep trying. Heh. If I every succeed, it will be another affair to remember.

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