kidding Kat

The first time I saw it over at Jeneane’s, I thought it might be for real. A very big “might.” No one that young and photo-fresh-faced could be that clever. No one, even that clever, could make such a quick mark on the blogosphere.
Between almost-Tornados and internet outages and other such distasteful events, I didn’t have a chance to follow up my investigation until late today. It didn’t take much time to pick up on the clues, especially since I’m well acquainted with the clever minds behind the well-crafted virtual world of Kat Herding media and marketing.
It’s not really satire, despite what some might think.
It’s the ultimate put-on. Realer than real. Layered like Locke. Styled like Sessum.
Nice going, you two. It’s about time.

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