We sat on the floor and he played “construction site” while I played with blocks. No plan. No expectations. I played with the blocks, mindlessly moving them, stacking them, toppling them. Nothing mattered — not the choices or the colors or the configurations. It was play. Pure relaxing thought-less play. I didn’t cook, I didn’t wash dishes. All I did was play. What a wonderfully happy holiday!!
We also played astronauts in the space-shuttle/tent I brought him.
He’s my rocketman!
I also actually had time to sit and read my latest issue of Harper’s magazine. Unfortunately, I left it behind. There were bits in it that I wanted to post. The only one I remember is that too much testosterone kills brain cells. (Heh. That would be the one line I’d remember!)
And now I’m back, feet resuming the step by step, day by day journey on this hard ground. I would rather be lost in space.

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