the moon at noon

Yep. There it was, up over the crags of the mountain, set pale and half-faced into the cool powder blue sky.
It’s strange to so clearly see the moon in daylight. It’s like looking out at an alien landscape. It moves ordinary days into dreamtime.
Tomorrow I drive up to Albany for an all-girls weekend — pizza and a gab fest on Saturday and a sinfully fattening brunch on Sunday. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my friends.
I’m also looking forward to NOT being on the same premises with my mother. I’m OK with her in the mornings, but by mid-afternoon I have no patience left….to show her for the fifth time where she has the small amount of cash we let her keep on hand….to look, again, for her glasses, her comb, her favorite photo of my father….to repeat at least three times, each time louder, everything I say……
I’m getting away. Even though it’s only one night, it will be enough to reset my frame of mind, give me hours of quiet driving time to meditate on seeing the moon at noon.

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