you’ve gotta hand it to those GOPers

They sure do know how to spin, distort, and outright lie.
In her post from New Hampshire, Betsy Devine called attention to how On the last Sunday before Election Day, Republican operatives go out in force with a last-minute message to stick under windshield wipers.
But this year, Betsy goes on to say

The news here is that real NH Republican voters are too turned off to turn out for leafletting church parking lots–yay, NH! I knew people in my state had a lot of sense.

In the absence of actual volunteers, anyone willing to go door-to-door with GOP leaflets are allegedly getting $100 bucks for their troubles. And, in the absence of actual volunteers, the National Republican Congressional Committee has turned to 300,000 robocalls to NH, hitting some voters three or four times a day with calls that sound as if the Democrats made them.

Democrats have protested to the US Attorney that these calls are targetting even people on the national don’t call list–that’s illegal in NH. The NRCC says that calls will continue because NH law “does not apply” to calls made form out of state.

You’ve just got to love those Republican family values. cites a variety of outright lies being circulated by the GOP about a variety of candidates. For example:
&#9733 In Connecticut, Democratic House candidate Chris Murphy has been attacked in three ads, all misleading, by the NRCC and his opponent Rep. Nancy Johnson. One ad says, “Murphy’s record: Voting to allow sexual predators in public housing with families and children.” In fact, Murphy did no such thing.

&#9733 An ad by GOP Rep. J.D. Hayworth of Arizona says that Democrat “Harry Mitchell could have kept child molesters in prison, denying them bail backed by our Constitution. Mitchell voted no.” That falsely characterizes Mitchell’s actual position.While a state senator in 2002, Mitchell actually supported a bill that would have denied bail to child molesters.

&#9733 In another Arizona House race, Rep. Rick Renzi, a Republican, put up an ad that asks of his opponent, “What kind of person is Ellen Simon to lead the ACLU, which defended child molesters and the man/boy love association?” That’s grossly misleading. Simon led the local ACLU and never defended child molesters.
Actually, the Dems have distorted information about Republican candidates as well. But no one does it better than those GOPers.


Lies. Lies. All lies.

Vote those GOPers out. OUT!!!

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