women get more brain bang for the buck

So go the findings of research reported in the New York Post.

A woman’s brain is, in fact, about 10 percent smaller than a man’s, even when factoring in physical size difference – but it also has a lot more going on, neuron-connection-wise…..

Thanks to Stone Age wiring, women also have a far greater capacity for understanding speech and body language, and have “elephantine” memories, especially when it comes to negative experiences…..

Of course, we’re not in the Stone Age anymore, so it might stand to reason that the divergent male and female brains would have adapted to be more like one another – and perhaps, in time, they will….

While I’m waiting for those millions of years to pass that might finally bring about a meeting of the brains, I’ll just continue to have more fun in the company of my women friends and not worry about finding a compatible male mate. It just ain’t going to happen. It’s a brain thing.
Go the the Post piece and read more about how the wiring of men’s and women’s brains affect their behaviors regarding multi-tasking, fighting, communicating, and having sex.
Live and learn.
(Although I do remember seeing a program on PBS years ago about how older men — those who are no longer led by their testosterone levels and associated body parts — become more companionable, better husbands and fathers and grandfathers. Maybe there’s hope yet.)

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