hear hear

Uh oh, the cat’s still outside, I say to her as I walk over to open the door. She comes running after me, calling Who died? Somebody died? Who just died?
She gets mad when I shout so she can hear me. When I don’t shout, she keeps asking What? What?
What? What? is what I said when I got on the scale this morning. This is the most I’ve ever weighed, including when I was pregnant. I eat when I’m bored. And I’m bored almost every evening when all I can do is sit and watch television with her. And shout so that she can hear me when I try to explain what’s happening on the small screen in response to her periodic assertions that she doesn’t understand.
Stop! Stop! I’ve got to stop eating so much. And I’ve got to stop shouting so much. It gives me a headache.

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  1. Talk about eating… I just got back from a cruise, and I think its like ship policy to gain 10 pounds per cruise. Its like you wake up, eat, read a book, eat, gamble alittle, eat, watch the show, eat, read more of your book, and eat again then bed.

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