It’s Harper’s Tuesday

I couldn’t make up news like this:


South Korean soldiers fired 60 warning shots after North Korean soldiers crossed into the demilitarized zone, but it was not clear if North Korea’s action was a deliberate provocation or an attempt to go fishing.[CNN][Chicago Sun-Times][] North Korea later detonated a nuclear bomb
…dog-feces-cleanup franchises were opening across the United States. It’s the “best job in the world,” said Matt Boswell, the Chief Excrement Officer of Texas-based Pet Butler, which operates in 14 states
Iranian Supreme Leader Sayyid Ali Khamenei announced that intentional masturbation during Ramadan breaks the fast,[] and the British Minister of State for Public Health said that pregnant British teens, seeking to ease their labor pains, were smoking to reduce the birth weight of their babies.
Researchers found that Human-Elephant Conflict, or H.E.C., was on the rise. “Where for centuries humans and elephants lived in relative peaceful coexistence,” said professor Gay Bradshaw of Oregon State University, “there is now hostility and violence.” Bradshaw hypothesized that elephants are suffering from species-wide chronic stress brought on by poaching, habitat loss, and other traumas, which may explain why young male elephants have been observed raping and killing rhinoceroses
Britain’s Prince William played bingo.


A new group called Scientists and Engineers for America vowed to promote a pro-science president in 2008.[New Scientist]
[The Christian Science Monitor] Journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who criticized Russia’s Chechnya policy, was found shot to death in an elevator.
Harvard professor Edward O. Wilson told a group in Bozeman, Montana, that half of the world’s species could be extinct by 2100,[Fox News]

I didn’t even bother to include anything about that Foley Fiasco. It’s in a class all by itself.

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