driveling with Doug

I‘m really tired tonight, having had a rough few hours with my mom, as she obsessed about my brother going out to dinner with friends this evening. She paced and ranted and cried, insisting that he probably drowned or was murdered our was out with some girl and I should call him and don’t I know where he is and who he’s with until I finally just let her go on and on while I turned on my laptop and left a comment over at Ronni’s, where there’s a great piece (and comments) about how the entertainment media still stereotypes “older” individuals.
[Gasp. Gasp.]
However, I can’t call it a day until I post about having a Skype chat with Doug Alder, way up there in Canada. He has a web cam, so I could see him. (I’m not sure I’m ready to mount a web cam here yet; I would have to make sure my hair is combed and I don’t look like I just finished a wearying three hours with my mother.)
I only know Doug from his blog, but talking with him felt as though we were old friends. We just hung out and chatted. It’s happened that way for me before, like when I talked to Jeneane Sessum on the regular phone and later, at various times, had a chance to meet other bloggers in person :Betsy Devine, Halley Suitt, Frank Paynter, and Dave Rogers.
Now that Doug has helped me get more comfortable with Skype, I’m going to make plans to talk with Ronni. She’s up in Maine.
But for now, yawn….

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