no surprise/s

First of all, liberal hearthrob Keith Olbermann played another riff on the antics of various Bush administration groupies, lending even more power and clarity to Bill Clinton’s much-publicized ripping apart of the position taken by a conservative nework interviewer. It was no surprise that Olbermann again ended his MSNBC program with another of his hell-bent rants, focusing on the distortions that the neocons continue to disseminate in an effort to blame Clinton for the sins of their camp’s leaders.
Former President Clinton’s emergence as a powerful presence at this point in the politics game is no surprise either. What I did find surprising, however, is that I didn’t hear any commentator note that Clinton’s strong, honest, fiery,and decisive statements should serve as a model for the wimpy Democrats as they attempt to dislodge their current conservative opponents.
Those wary Democrats should take as their slogan the words of Happy Harry Hard-on in Pump Up the Volume:


Here on the home front, it was no surprise that she finally showed her true predatory colors. I caught her with a chipmunk hanging out of her mouth — she looking at me proudly and defiantly; the chipmunk looking definitely dazed and confused. My cat Calli was an apartment cat until we moved out here to the mountains. She loves to meander outside around the house, exploring the flora. This time she found the fauna. The poor creature hung from her mouth, dead motionless weight.
Of course, I yelled at her and grabbed her, and she finally let the critter go. It lay in the grass, white underbelly up for grabs. I carried Calli back into the house and went back to assess the damage. Relieved, I watched as the chipmunk slowly righted itself and took off for the underbrush.
The cat, of course, locked behind the screen door, looked at me in confusion. I’m sure that she was very proud of herself, doing what is natural for a cat. Somewhere in her non-verbal brain, I’m sure she is very confused and disappointed that I was not pleased at her success.
One’s man’s meat…..
Sort of like the Righteous and the rest of us.

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