frog in the garage; magnets in the mail

At first I thought it was a leaf, but then I saw it hop under some assorted pieces of wood my brother has stored in the garage. He’s going to have a fit because he’s told me a million times to make sure I close and lock the side door to the garage. I was out working in the garden the other day, which I access through that door and I forgot to lock it. It blew open in the storm yesterday, and I’ll bet that’s when the frog got in. Anyone know how to get a frog out of a garage?
I’ve got an idea about how to give my mother something to do that will engage her interest. I’ve ordered two magnet boards and a bunch of magnetic pages that are supposed to work with an inkjet printer. I’m going to make a geneological magnets for her, with photos of her relatives (and their names) on magnetic paper, and she can practice putting them in the correct family order. It’s taking me forever to crop out faces from scanned in photos, but it will be worth it if having the whole set will entertain her. It will also help her remember the names of her children and grandchildren. Heh.

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