If it’s Tuesday, it’s Harper’s.

From Harper’s Weekly Review:
Worth repeated highlighting:

The Pentagon announced that civilian casualties in Iraq had increased recently by more than fifty percent, and death squads were said to be torturing and killing as many as 1,800 people per month.[New York Times] At least 200 Iraqis were killed in bombings, rocket attacks, and shootings, as were 19 American and British soldiers.
U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld quoted Georges Clemenceau, who said, “War is a series of catastrophes that results in a victory.”[Washington Post]
SAT scores in the United States showed the largest decline in 31 years.

The following seem to be all connected to the actions of men, although Harper’s didn’t relate them in that way.

Warren Steed Jeffs, who reportedly has 80 wives and 250 children and serves as the leader of a polygamist Mormon sect, was arrested in Nevada on suspicion of arranging marriages between underage girls and older men. [AP via New York Times]
Researchers warned that countries with unnaturally high male-to-female population ratios, such as China and India, could foster violence, organized crime, and terrorism.
In a courtroom in Duluth, Minnesota, a cocaine trafficker ate his own feces;[Duluth News Tribune] a vigilante mob in North Carolina beat and killed the wrong man;[AP via CNN]
in Russia a participant in a sex-doll river-rafting race was disqualified for sexually abusing his rafting apparatus. “I think,” said the man’s friend, “it was an expression of his great desire to win.”[MOSNEWS.COM]
In the Indian state of Bihar, high-caste landowners were raping and gouging out the eyes of low-caste residents.[India eNews]

And these seem related to the ways of women:

Miss England, an Uzbek-born Muslim, declared that stereotyping leads to terror.
It was reported that the average British woman spends two and a half years on her hair during her lifetime.[Daily Mail]
A British professor announced that five-year-old girls were worried about their weight,[AFP via Breitbart]
A study revealed that the brains of nuns “flicker” in the presence of God.
A woman in Hohhot, China, crashed her car into another vehicle while allowing her dog to drive.

I can’t help comparing the unique newsworthy things that men do with the unique newsworthy things that women do. Which only makes me even more convinced that if there were a way to keep testosterone at a reasonable level in the males of our species, there would be less violence committed by males against those less aggressive and/or strong.
I don’t see much newsworthy violence being perpetrated by women.

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